The Meeting

Welcome to the 21st Iberoamerican Conference on Cerebrovascular Diseases and the Latin American Ministerial Meeting on CVA.  In August 2018, the greatest experts on cerebrovascular diseases from the Ibero-American countries (Portugal, Spain and the Americas) and other areas of the world will be in Gramado to present the greatest innovations in this field. The Ministerial Meeting will gather healthcare administrators and practitioners from Latin America, in addition to experts from other continents. They will discuss the impact of stroke on the region, the organization of services and healthcare networks, successful models, challenges and potential solutions. Our expectation is that this meeting will have a great impact on regional public healthcare policies, making them a reference for the world. Your participation will be fundamental for the success of this meeting. We will be looking forward to see you in our meeting!


Sheila Cristina Ouriques Martins          Claudio Sacks
Conference President                            SIECV President

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