Stroke Challenge

What is the challenge?

A hands on competition between the teams in the Acute Stroke Care (with actors).

How does it work?

There will be 12 teams, with 3 to 5 components each.
Each team can have components from different institutions. The team should consist of: 1 or 2 neurologists, with or without a nurse (preferably with), with or without a clinician / emergency room and with or without a neurointerventionist (fellows or residents of these areas may participate).

4 teams compete at a time (without seeing the competing teams). The teams will be evaluated by 1 vascular neurologist, 1 neurointerventionist and 1 nurse. Each team will have 30 minutes to solve the case.

Step 1: Initial evaluation and management in the emergency room
Step 2: Neuroimaging evaluation
Step 3: Inclusion and exclusion criteria for reperfusion treatment
Step 4: Clinical decision and treatment
Step 5: Post-treatment care

Whoever scores the highest score (punctuate the highest number of correct items on a check list) will win in the shortest amount of time.


Date: August, 3rd, 2018
Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Local: Exhibition area

How do I register my team?

To register your team, send a list with the full names of each participant, speciality, e-mail and phone number to named as Stroke Challenge.

All participants must be registered in the congress.

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